The Linno Smart Bulb Crystal was awarded the coveted Red Dot Design Award for 2015.
The following is the verbal description we sent them about this product:

LED smartbulbs have many advantages over traditional bulbs but they still lack in one area; filament bulbs have a beauty that smartbulbs just cannot match. So when we set out to design our smartbulb, we decided to create a full-featured product that looked as good as traditional filament bulbs. Our solution is an acrylic diffuser lens that gives our smartbulb it's unique aesthetic and improves the lighting qualities of the bulb. Therefore, we call this bulb the Linno Crystal.
Beauty aside, we also wanted the Linno Crystal to be as user-friendly as possible. The smartbulb can also be adjusted for brightness, colour temperature and up to 16 million colours. The bulb's lighting is controlled using our remote control or by downloading the Linno App onto a smart device. Our ‘Unified Control System’ means that a single remote control or Linno App can control other lights in the Linno family. These remote options ensure the control of your lighting remains in your hands, not ours.

Learn more about the Linno Smart Bulb here.
The Red Dot Award we received can be viewed here.